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EDC-FITT international trade training offers courses, workshops and resources that help professionals build their international business skills, and their careers.


Teaming up to enhance trade education

Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT) have collaborated to deliver EDC-FITT international trade training.  The training program pairs FITT's internationally accredited FITTskills courses with EDC's trade expertise to equip import-export professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed internationally.

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Online Courses

Grow your import-export business, knowledge and credibility with flexible, self-paced online international trade courses.



Online Workshops

Build the specific skills and knowledge you need to excel in your day to day work with short-term training you can fit into your busy schedule.



Instructor Led Courses

Attend international business courses and programs in traditional in-class learning environments across Canada and internationally.


See the difference the right courses can make


Of employers said that completing additional training positively impacts promotion and advancement opportunities.


Of training participants recommend the courses to friends and colleagues.


More revenue is earned by companies that expand their sales to foreign markets.

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EDC-FITT International Trade Training