International Trade Finance

Be confident in everything an importer or exporter needs to know about payment, risk mitigation, financing, and the flow of goods and services.


International Trade Finance

Be confident in everything an importer or exporter needs to know about payment, risk mitigation, financing, and the flow of goods and services.

International Trade Finance

Manage your cash flow and mitigate financial risk by selecting appropriate transaction methods and tools for international trade activities. Keep your business on a strong financial foundation by selecting the best options for negotiation terms and non-payment dispute resolution.

Learn how to

  • Negotiate the best payment options and arrangements based on risk assessment and trade research findings
  • Minimize your organization’s exposure to financial risk using tools such as credit insurance, guarantees and bonds
  • Keep the cash flowing by implementing financial management strategies to address any factors that could impact your bottom line
  • Keep your buyers and customers happy by resolving non-payment situations through the use of contracts in a conflict-free manner
  • Strategically manage your business’s assets by developing a smart financial plan for short, medium and long-term growth
What you'll get
  • An International Trade Finance eBook which includes chapter-based exercises to help you study (the related answers are also available for download)
  • Guiding notes to facilitate tracking of key concepts
  • Case studies offering real-life examples to help you study and prepare for important business situations
  • Sample examination questions to demonstrate exam format and help you practice for your final assessment
  • Mobile-friendly courses: access and download all course materials, including your eBook, for easy reading on the go!
  • Access to the International Trade Finance multiple-choice online examination
  • International trade competencies to help you compete in today’s integrated global marketplace
Completing the Course

You'll have up to three months from the date you register to work through the course at your own pace and take your exam. The exam is offered online in a multiple-choice format.

FITT’s standard online refund policy applies to all FITTskills online courses.

What people are saying
I was able to see the practical application of the topics the course was covering in the work that I do. International Trade Finance covered real issues that the businesses I work with encounter every day.
Nadine Storey, CITP|FIBP, Trade Commissioner, Global Affairs Canada
My FITTskills education provided me with the tacit knowledge I needed to be able to interact with Canadian exporters and use the same language as them. Once I started my own international company, I was able to mitigate risks, such as currency risks, through the knowledge I gained.
Esha Abrol, CITP|FIBP, International Marketing Professional and Entrepreneur
International Trade Finance was my favourite FITTskills course. It gave practical information on how to conduct international transactions.
Craig Atkinson, CITP|FIBP, Director, International Trade and Development, Lexmerca International Trade
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3 months to complete course upon registration

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