Preparing for International Trade Shows

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Preparing for International Trade Shows

Get the most out of international trade shows by learning how to plan, prepare, communicate and successfully participate.  

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Learn how to plan, prepare, communicate and successfully participate in international trade shows. Discover how the different types of trade shows can fit into your business strategy. 

This course is estimated to take 2 hours to complete. You’ll have up to 12 months from the date you register to work through the course at your own pace and to earn a certificate of participation. 

What You'll Learn

  • How to plan for success at trade shows (analyze customer needs, integrated marketing, market research, sales, logistics)
  • How to recognize and adapt to cross-cultural differences with other participants at a trade show event 
  • The best-practices that relate to virtual trade event participation, including market research, team roles, one-on-one meetings 
  • And much more 

What’s included

  • Video resources focusing on the central issues and concepts of the course and providing practical examples 
  • Case studies offering real-life examples to help you prepare for important business situations  
  • Practical course takeaways: 
    - 9 Steps to Prepare for an International Trade Show
  • Knowledge-check questions to put into practice what you’ve learned 
  • External resources to reference and continue building on your knowledge 
  • Mobile-friendly courses: access and download all course materials for easy reading on the go!  
  • Essential international trade skills to help you compete in today’s integrated global marketplace 

Frequently asked questions

How long do I have to complete an On-Demand Learning course? ​

You'll have up to 12 months from the date you register to work through the course at your own pace and to earn your certificate of participation. 

Do I get a certificate once I successfully complete the course?

You can earn a certificate of participation upon completing the Preparing for International Trade Shows course.

Is this course part of the FITTskills program? ​

This course is not part of the FITTskills Program. Successfully completing this course does not earn credit towards earning the FITT Certificate in International Trade and FITT Diploma in International Trade.  

How many Professional Development Units (PDUs) do I get for completing this course? ​

CITPs can earn 2 PDUs upon successful completion of the Preparing for International Trade Shows course.