Board of Directors

Thank you to the FITT Board of Directors for your continued support, feedback and leadership.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors - Forum for International Trade Training

Thank you to our Board of Directors for your continued support, feedback and leadership.



Denise Amyot
President & CEO, Colleges and Institutes Canada (CiCan)

Past Chair  

Alberto Quiroz, CITP
President, Intellimeter Canada Inc.

Vice Chair

Kevin J. Baker
Executive Dean, School of Business, Information Technology and Management, Durham College

Marsha Acott
Vice-President and Corporate Controller, Corporate Finance and Control, Export Development Canada


  • Sarah Barnes, CITP
    Chief Executive Officer, Victoryus Media

  • John Bescec, CITP
    Director of Customs and Trade Affairs, Microsoft Corporation

  • Ran Carter, CITP
    Senior Strategy Advisor, Export Development Canada

  • James Collard, CITP
    Director of Planning & Economic Development
    Director of Iron Horse Industrial Park

  • Lesley Hillier, CITP
    CEO, Archipelago Ventures

  • Rob Howard, CITP
    Of Counsel (Canada), Givens & Johnston PLLC 

  • Anita Huberman
    CEO, Surrey Board of Trade

  • Peter Kucherepa, CITP
    Barrister and Solicitor

  • Ali Lajevardi, CITP
    Senior Managing Advisor, Business Development Bank of Canada

  • Daniel Lewis, CITP 
    Founder/Owner, Daniel's Chai Bar


  • Laura Dorling, CITP
    Advisor, Office of the Executive Director for Canada, Ireland, and the Caribbean, World Bank Group
  • Jim Foley
    Director, NASBITE
  • Steven Goodinson
    Director General, Trade Operations, Global Affairs Canada

President and CEO

Caroline Tompkins, CITP
President and CEO, FITT