Earn marketable international business credentials

FITT’s industry-backed international business credentials prove your level of expertise in the practical skills and knowledge that make a difference to competitive organizations.


3 levels of international business credentials

FITT offers two international business educational credentials and one professional certification based on the global trade competencies acquired through the FITTskills program. Earn them and add them to your CV to stand out from the competition in the job market and in world markets.

FITT Certificate in International Trade

The FITT Certificate in International Trade credential is presented to individuals who’ve successfully completed any 3 FITTskills courses, or the equivalency thereof. Earning this certificate proves your intermediate knowledge in many of the key skills areas of global business.

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FITT Diploma in International Trade

The FITT Diploma in International Trade credential is presented to individuals who have successfully completed the 6 courses that make up the FITTskills program, or equivalency thereof. This completes the educational requirement of the CITP|FIBP* designation.

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Certified International Trade Professional Designation

When you become a CITP®|FIBP® designation holder, you have proof that you’ve achieved the core competencies essential to international business through skills and knowledge acquisition and industry experience. The CITP®|FIBP® designation promotes the advancement of international business professionals working in a wide variety of roles and organizations. This designation is an indication of highly developed competencies and experience within international trade.

The Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) designation can be applied for by individuals who:

Are you an Executive with more than 10 years of experience?

Apply for the CITP designation without taking courses or exams.

In order to qualify for the CITP®|FIBP® through the Executive Path, you must provide evidence of leadership and/or management in the practical or policy areas of international trade, and/or prove oversight experience associated with an organization’s international trade activities. A minimum of 10 years of experience is required.

View the step-by-step Executive Path application process.

For more information on FITT’s credential programs and equivalencies, please email info@fitt.ca.



FITT Seeking ISO Accreditation for CITP Designation

We are excited to announce that FITT will be applying for ISO 17024 Accreditation. Through this accreditation, FITT’s certified program – the CITP designation – is validated by an independent, unbiased accreditation body – the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) through the Standards Council of Canada. Learn more about ISO 17024 and changes in effect September 1, 2021.

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*Professionnels accrédités en commerce international (PACI) est une marque de commerce utilisée au Canada. FITT Professionnel en affaires internationales (FPAI) est une marque déposée pour une utilisation internationale. Les deux reflètent la même désignation certifiée FITT.


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