FITT Global Mentorship Pilot Program

Applications are now closed

FITT Global Mentorship Pilot Program


The FITT Global Mentorship Pilot Progam is a FREE 6-month virtual mentorship program featuring an all-CITP mentor roster. Created for the international business community, it helps students, entrepreneurs, and employees from anywhere in the world, with any amount of work experience or tenure, access support, guidance, and expertise to level up their careers or businesses alongside seasoned FITT Certified International Trade Professional CITP®|FIBP® mentors


Dates and deadlines

Applications are now closed. 5 initial mentees will be selected and have their names announced publicly. Mentorship will commence in June. The program will run from June 1 - November 30, 2021.

Who can participate?

Students, entrepreneurs, and employees from anywhere in the world with any amount of work experience or tenure are welcome to apply. A total of 10 participants (5 mentors and 5 mentees) will be selected to join. We will look to expand based on results and demand. 

How does the program work?

  1. Interested individuals must fill out our application form. 
  2. We will select and announce 5 mentees and match them with a mentor that best suits their profile and application answers. 
  3. Orientation will take place in a group setting in June and the mentor and mentee will meet weekly for the first month. They will set their preferred schedule thereafter. 
  4. Mentorship will take place on a 1:1 virtual channel, mutually agreed upon by mentor and mentee. 

Why is this a pilot program?

Based on popular demand, FITT is testing this Global Mentorship Pilot Program to best understand how to meet our community’s needs and open more doors for the international business profession. Feedback received from participants will help us improve future iterations of the program. Currently, the pilot program will be offered in English only. We will work to expand based on demand and availability. 


Meet your CITP mentors


Who is FITT? 

FITT stands for The Forum for International Trade Training. We help entrepreneurs and employees launch or grow a business anywhere in the world through global training and certification. FITT’s curriculum and certification were developed alongside 200+ global business professionals who've helped create and set the standards for what you need to know to succeed in international business from A to Z. We’ve removed the guesswork on how to grow your business, so you don’t have to go it alone.  

What is a CITP®|FIBP®*? 

CITP stands for Certified International Trade Professional. It is an industry-backed designation, built on competency standards set by FITT. The designation stands as a symbol of both competency and credibility for global business professionals. Being awarded the designation proves a thorough grasp of international trade processes, a commitment to global business, and a dedication to ethical business practices and ongoing professional development. This gives your clients, employers, and colleagues added confidence in your global skills and knowledge. 

*Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) is trademarked for use within Canada. FITT International Business Professional (FIBP) is trademarked for use internationally. Both reflect the same FITT certified designation.