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Export Help Hub

EDC’s Export Help Hub provides you the insights you need to succeed in the U.S., European Union and Mexico. Get quick, easy online access to questions and answers curated by EDC experts—online, anytime.

Every day, our export advisors work with Canadian businesses to support their global growth. Got a question about markets outside of the U.S., EU and Mexico? Or can’t find your answer in our curated knowledge base? Submit your questions directly through the hub, and they’ll be in touch with an answer.

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EDC's webinars delve into an array of must-know trade topics, like how to target and win new customers, where to find your next market (and trustworthy agents within it), how to get more money to grow, and more.

These expert-led sessions will provide the knowledge you need to confidently make smarter business decisions. And new webinars are added regularly!

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