Bundle Pricing

FITTskills Bundle Pricing: Learn more. Earn more. Save more.

Fast track your global trade success with bundle pricing for FITTskills online courses!

Receive 10% off when you register for ANY 2 or more FITTskills online courses at once, up to a maximum of 5 - that’s up to $300 in savings! You’ll also earn your FITT Certificate in International Trade once you complete 3 courses! This offer gives you 3 months to complete each FITTskills online course once you’ve registered, one at a time, in the order of your choice.

You’ll save even more when you register for all 6 FITTskills online courses because you'll receive your final course FOR FREE - that means you will save a total of $600 off your training! Students are given up to 18 months to complete all 6 courses, one at a time in the order of your choice, with the purchase of this bundle. You will earn your FITT Diploma in International Trade upon successful completion!


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Get the discount in 3 easy steps:

1. Choose the required number of FITTskills online courses and add them to the shopping cart.

2. Go through the checkout process.

3. Your discount will be applied automatically based on the number of courses in your cart.


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Terms and conditions:

  • Bundle pricing cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts
  • All courses within a purchased bundle must be completed by the same student.
  • FITT’s standard online refund policy applies to all courses in the bundle