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Export How-To Guides, Market Entry

FITTskills Lite Series – International Contracts and Partnership Agreements

Learn how each party’s rights and obligations are defined, what international rules govern your contracts, and how to settle disputes if they arise.
Export How-To Guides, Risk Management, Supply Chain & Logistics

FITTskills Lite Series – Documents and the International Trade Transaction

Learn how to properly complete, submit and manage all required documents, dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”.
Export How-To Guides, Supply Chain & Logistics

FITTskills Lite Series – Crossing Borders and Managing Customs

Learn how customs and border security agencies function, what steps you need to follow to comply with all customs regulations, protocols and programs, and how customs brokers can help.
Export How-To Guides, Product & Service Development, Risk Management

FITTskills Lite Series – Intellectual Property Protection

Learn what intellectual property (IP) risks exist in global markets, how to protect your IP in other countries, and how to identify the latest IP trends.
Export How-To Guides, Marketing, Product & Service Development

FITTskills Lite Series – Adapting Products and Services

Learn how to identify your adaptation options, choose the option best suited for your specific customers and market requirements, and customize your value proposition and pricing to ensure success.
Export How-To Guides, Market Entry, Market Research

FITT Small Business Guide: The Scaling Up Edition

How do you know if your business is ready to expand internationally. and if so what to do next? Learn from this collection written by experts to help you meet your business goals.
Building the Right Team, Business Credentials

CITP|FIBP Connection Guide Ebook

Learn from the #TradeElite experts! Find out how to get in touch with them directly and expand your network of experts.
Market Entry, Market Specific, Partner Resources

Discuss Your Market Entry Project with an Expert

Looking to venture by yourself into the African market, but not sure where to begin? Africa Business Venture offers one free one on one session with one of their experts. Book a time here.
Market Specific, Partner Resources, Procurement

Africa Business Venture: Monthly Africa Tenders Opportunity Summary

Learn about the latest business opportunities happening across the various industries and region of Africa. Our monthly summary gives you an overview of the current business situation in Africa.
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