Academic Institutions Partnering Options

Partner with FITT to offer your students an industry-validated international business program of study or have your program accredited by FITT.

Academic Institutions Partnering Options

Partner with FITT to Provide International Business Training

Our practical, ready-to-teach FITTskills training suite is well-aligned with the demands of today’s complex world of integrative trade. And FITT continues to meet the challenges of the marketplace by:

  • Maintaining industry-validated certification standards,
  • Investing in product development consistently to deliver the highest quality programs and services, and
  • Nurturing relevant educational alliances with strong international business institutions.

The demand for qualified, multi-disciplined international trade professionals has been increasing steadily. Yet FITT’s global trade research indicates there are critical skill gaps in all aspects of integrative trade across industrial sectors. There is a real imperative for broad-based, adaptive and strategic competency development.

Together we can fill that need and position your graduates and our credential holders for an exciting world of trade opportunities!

Full Educational Partnership Opportunities brochure

Educational Partnership Opportunities Available with FITT

Browse our educational partnership options and select the arrangement that works best for your institution.

FITTskills Delivery Partner

This partnership opportunity is best applied in a continuing education or professional development scenario or for organizations that do not yet have an international business program of study in place. Your instructors can deliver portions of, or the complete FITTskills program. See our Educational Partnerships brochure for full details.

Accredited Partner

Your international business program can be FITT-accredited providing your students with advance standing toward the CITP®|FIBP® designation. See our Educational Partnerships brochure for full details.