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  • Discount codes expire on the redemption expiry date you have selected. Those that are NOT redeemed by the redemption expiry date selected above are non-refundable, but additional time to redeem can be considered. To request additional time, please send an email to
  • Once a training code is redeemed via the shopping cart, the participant will have 30 days to complete an online workshop and 90 days to complete an online course.
  • Once a course or workshop has been redeemed via the shopping cart, it cannot be transferred to another individual and will count as having been accessed.
  • Code redemption: FITTskills training registration and account creation must be completed using the name, contact information and email of the intended participant.
  • The organization purchasing the codes is responsible for distributing them to employees or other individuals for redemption.
  • The purchaser will instruct individuals not to select courses or workshops they have already completed.
  • Prepayment for online courses and/or workshops is required to secure bulk pricing discount.