FITT Economic Briefing with Peter Hall

FITT Economic Briefing with Peter Hall


Navigating Near-shoring in 2023: Pros, Cons, and Strategic Considerations

Join Peter Hall in this deep dive into the world of near-shoring.

With near-shoring becoming a buzzword in business circles, this video aims to unravel its complexities and provide valuable insights for businesses considering this strategic shift.



Is Inflation Going the Wrong Way?

Welcome to the new episode of FITT Economic Briefing series hosted by Peter Hall.

In this video, Peter tackles the pressing issue of inflation and addresses the challenges of monetary policies when fighting inflation.

As businesses and consumers alike feel the impact of rising inflation, the Bank of Canada's efforts to curb it are being closely watched. The CPI rose to 3.3% in July, driven by an increase in tourism costs, energy, and transportation prices.

However, it's important to note that some categories in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) basket are experiencing deflation. While the current inflation rate is a cause for concern, it is not yet time to panic.



Is Forecasting Passé?

Peter Hall has long been an influential voice in the international business community.

He served as VP & Chief Economist at EDC for over a decade and continues to share his expert understanding of the world economy, forecasts, and what it all means for today’s exporters.

We are absolutely thrilled to have him share his insights with the FITT community in this series.

In this first video Peter is starting this series with his view of the world, which discusses how projections and pandemonium make for a strange mix.