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These digital editions allow simplified access to the practical content found in the courses in a searchable and portable format. eBooks are downloaded and viewed using VitalSource Bookshelf software.

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Global Business Environment eBook

This textbook covers the context in which international trade takes place and the opportunities and challenges it represents for business.

$60.00 each.
International Marketing eBook

This textbook content covers such topics as the development of marketing plans to achieve business targets and, the implementation and coordination of international marketing activities for products and services.

$60.00 each.
International Trade Finance eBook

This textbook addresses financial methods and tools used to conduct international business transactions successfully.

$60.00 each.
Global Supply Chain Management eBook

This textbook provides insight into global supply chain activities including production and inventory management processes and regulatory and security requirements.

$60.00 each.
International Market Entry Strategies eBook

This textbook covers a comprehensive assessment of international market entry options for the export of products or services and optimal market entry strategies.

$60.00 each.
International Trade Research eBook

This textbook addresses the importance of well-planned and efficient research for guiding and promoting company activities.

$60.00 each.
International Trade Management eBook

This textbook provides the learner with the ability to develop an international business plan thus ensuring a comprehension of the scope and breadth and integration of international trade practices.

$60.00 each.

Includes all 8 FITTskills 6th Edition eBooks

$250.00 each.

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