Product Development

Turn your latest idea into a hit new product with an effective production process, clear distribution strategy and detailed set of legal requirements.

Product Development

What you'll learn

Whether you're still in the brainstorming phase of a new product or need to adapt a current one for a new market, there's a lot of questions to answer. How will it be manufactured? Is it safe? Does it meet all quality and compliance standards? How will it get to the customer? Is your IP protected, and your liability covered? Discover how to answer each of these questions for your product, and take it from the drawing board to the top of your sales list.

Once you have successfully completed this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify each consideration and their implications for adapting or developing products, like market entry strategies, product life cycles and market research.
  • Evaluate customer response to new offerings with concept testing, prototypes, test marketing and product tests.
  • Build a comparative advantage by tailoring design considerations and policies to suit customer preferences.
  • Enhance products and generate added revenue with product-related services (servitization).
  • Mitigate any potential risks related to IP protection and product liability when adapting your products for new markets.
What you'll receive

When you sign up for this workshop, you'll receive the following resources:

  • Product Development eBook, which includes unit-based exercises to help you study (the related answers are also available for download)
  • Guiding notes to facilitate tracking of key concepts
  • Case studies offering real-life examples to help you study and prepare for important business situations
  • Sample examination questions to demonstrate exam format and help you practice for your final assessment
  • Mobile-friendly courses: access and download all course materials, including your eBook, for easy reading on the go!
  • Access to the Product Development multiple-choice online examination
  • You’ll build international trade competencies to help you compete in today’s integrated global marketplace
Completing the workshop

You’ll have up to one month from the date you register to work through the workshop at your own pace and take your exam. The exam is offered online in a multiple-choice format.

The material for this workshop is taken from the Products and Services for a Global Market FITTskills online course. Successfully completing this workshop will earn you partial credit towards that course.

When you successfully complete this workshop and the other workshop taken from that course, Service Development, you will receive the full credit for that course. This credit will then count towards earning your FITT Certificate in International Trade and your FITT Diploma in International Trade.

FITT’s standard online refund policy applies to all FITTskills online workshops.

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