Online & Instructor-Led Courses

Get practical training for the import-export business through online courses at your pace or in-class with the help of an instructor.

Online & Instructor-Led Courses

Online Courses

Grow your export-import business, knowledge and credibility with the globally recognized FITTskills online international trade course series.

Online Workshops

Focus on the specific topics you want, and finish your training faster than ever. You'll be able to meet all your training needs amidst your busy schedule and gain the particular skills and knowledge you need to excel in your day-to-day work.

Instructor-Led Courses

Educational institutions across Canada and internationally have allied with FITT to deliver our industry-validated FITTskills international business courses and program in traditional in-class learning environments.

Other Learning Resources

Customized International Business Training

FITT has been trusted for over a decade to create customized international business training programs for industry leaders in global trade. And now we can use our proven approach to curriculum development to meet the specific needs of your company or organization.