Situational Analysis

Workshop - Feasibility of International Trade

Situational Analysis

Determine your organization's readiness for new markets and find exciting opportunities for growth through market research.
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This workshop will help you determine whether you're ready to expand, and which markets will work best for you. Learn how to accurately assess your company's current ability to grow internationally and conduct the right research, efficiently and cost effectively.

What You'll Learn

  • Assess whether your organization is able to take on any potential new international trade initiative or expansion.
  • Save time during the research process by developing a clear research outline identifying the parameters and objectives.
  • Identify the best potential markets for your business by screening them with research based on clearly identified criteria.
  • Conduct your research quickly and effectively with a sound plan and the best possible resources.
  • Make actionable decisions that will lead your company in the right direction by analyzing your data with your original objectives in mind.

What’s included

  • Workshop eBook, which includes unit-based exercises to help you study (the related answers are also available for download) 
  • Video resources focusing on the central issues and concepts of the workshop and providing practical examples
  • Guiding notes to facilitate tracking of key concepts 
  • Case studies offering real-life examples to help you study and prepare for important business situations 
  • Sample exam questions to demonstrate exam format and help you practice for your final assessment 
  • Mobile-friendly workshops: access and download all workshop materials, including your eBook, for easy reading on the go! 
  • Access to the Situational Analysis multiple-choice online exam 
  • Essential international trade skills to help you compete in today’s integrated global marketplace 

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between a course and a workshop?

Our FITTskills series of comprehensive international business courses teaches you the competencies you need for a competitive career in global trade. The competencies developed by completing the entire FITTskills program meet the educational requirement for the elite Certified International Trade Professional (CITP®|FIBP®) designation.

The workshops were developed by dividing the courses into smaller sections (course modules) for those interested in focusing on learning the material one topic at a time.

  • FITTskills courses are completed over 3 months (20-40 hours)
  • FITTskills workshops are completed over 1 month (10-15 hours)
How long do I have to complete a workshop?

FITTskills workshops are completed over 1 month. Your exam deadline will be 1 calendar month after the date you register.

The FITTskills workshops are self-paced, so the time required will vary from person to person depending on how you study, your pre-existing knowledge of the workshop material, and other factors. We estimate it will take 10-15 hours to complete a workshop if you are completely new to international trade, or closer to 5-8 hours if you already have 2 or more years of experience.

Do I get a certificate once I successfully complete the workshop?

The material for this workshop is taken from the Feasibility of International Trade FITTskills online course. Successfully completing this workshop will earn you partial credit towards that course.

When you successfully complete this workshop and the 2 other workshops taken from that course, Cost and Pricing Analysis and Risk Analysis and Management, you will receive the full credit for that course. This credit will then count towards earning your FITT Certificate in International Trade and your FITT Diploma in International Trade.

Can I access specific units instead of the whole workshop?

Select units taken directly from the acclaimed FITTskills courses and workshops are available in our FITTskills Lite Learning series. These free downloads were created to allow you to learn about single topics you can apply to your daily work, in 1 hour or less.

I need more time to complete the workshop. Can I extend the timeline?

Yes. You can receive up to three 30-day deferrals for a single course or workshop. Your first deferral for a specific course or workshop will be complimentary, and a second or third deferral for that same workshop will be $50 each plus applicable taxes. For your first complimentary deferral, please send an email to For your second or third deferrals for a specific course or workshop, please use the Assessment Deferral Request form.

Can I take the final exam more than once?

You are eligible to re-write a failed FITTskills exam within 90 days of the original exam date. There is no limit to the number of times an exam can be re-written. However, each re-write must take place within 90 days of the previous re-written exam deadline, and there is a fee of $100 plus applicable taxes per re-write. You can request to re-take an exam by filling out an Assessment Registration Form.

What is the refund policy?

A refund, minus a course/workshop withdrawal processing fee, may be granted if you formally request a refund from a course/workshop within 7 days after the registration date, provided the course/workshop exam is deemed not to have been written. No refund will be issued if you withdraw more than 7 days after your registration date.

Course/Workshop Withdrawal Processing Fee:

The withdrawal processing fee is equivalent to 30% of the net amount paid per course/workshop. The net amount paid is calculated as the list price minus any applicable discount.

To Request a Refund:

Send an email to stating your full name, course/workshop title, date of registration, and reason for refund request.

What export/import professionals are saying

This course demonstrated the different aspects that could affect products and services. In one country a product might be fantastic, but in another it could be a major failure, depending on how well you did your research about the country and the need for your product there.
Adrian Skowron, CITP|FIBP, International Trade Advisor, Livingston International
FITT courses are very well designed with a practical approach to every aspect of trade and business. This gave me a better understanding of the policies and procedures that I came across during my professional journey.
Kiran Sharma, Job Cost Administrator, AECOM
The training offered by FITT is well tailored to the needs of the global trade industry. I encourage all my colleagues, as well as international trade practitioners and business development officers in the private sector, to take this training as it really makes a difference.
Claude Gendron, CITP|FIBP, Deputy Director, Aerospace Team, Global Affairs Canada