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Learn to thrive in the export-import industry with real-world training from leading international trade education and certification experts. With FITTskills online courses, you can build your skills and knowledge anytime, anywhere.

Who are the courses for?

Those seeking to advance their careers in import-export and international business

Individuals who are new to exporting, importing or international business

Those wishing to add to their international trade expertise or gain valuable educational credits

Build better business skills, with these online courses

What export/import professionals are saying

Andrea Eriksson
CITP|FIBP – Business Analyst, Enterprise Edmonton

"The FITTskills online courses were very engaging and I enjoyed working at my own pace and on my own time. They were very practical; businesses often asked questions directly relating to what I was learning in my course work."

Kevin Duncan
CITP|FIBP – Senior Buyer Technical Procurement, Nova Chemicals

"FITTskills provided me with the education and training that was lacking in colleges and universities that focused on international trade."

Maria Bofill
CITP|FIBP – Trade Commissioner – Oil and Gas, DFATD

"The FITTskills material was very well presented. I think it has helped me to have a better perspective of international trade, and understand the types of challenges that my clients face when penetrating foreign markets."

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