International Market Entry Strategies

Ensure your success in new markets by conducting proper research, selecting the most effective entry strategy and implementing it efficiently.


International Market Entry Strategies

Ensure your success in new markets by conducting proper research, selecting the most effective entry strategy and implementing it efficiently.

International Market Entry Strategies

The International Market Entry Strategies course examines what individuals in organizations need to know and do to ensure the success of new international ventures. You will learn how to research market entry options, analyze them, and then select the most effective strategy for your needs. With this knowledge in hand, you will also discover how to implement and manage your new market entry strategy and build a successful future in your new market.

Learn how to

  • Choose the most advantageous market entry strategy based on research and analysis of options and potential issues
  • Develop an international business plan that details key business strategies with metrics to monitor success.
  • Excel in new markets by establishing and managing strategic alliances through use of research, evaluation, negotiation and continued communication
  • Establish and maintain productive business relationships using knowledge of target market’s culture
  • Maximize profit and ensure efficient distribution and control by managing direct and indirect exports
  • And much more
What you'll get
  • International Market Entry Strategies eBook, which includes chapter-based exercises to help you study (the related answers are also available for download)
  • Guiding notes to facilitate tracking of key concepts
  • Case studies offering real-life examples to help you study and prepare for important business situations
  • Sample examination questions to demonstrate exam format and help you practice for your final assessment
  • Mobile-friendly courses: access and download all course materials, including your eBook, for easy reading on the go!
  • This course offers you a choice between completing an online multiple-choice examination or completing a final project. The choice is yours!
  • International trade competencies to help you compete in today’s integrated global marketplace
Completing the Course

You’ll have up to three months from the date you register to work through the course at your own pace and take your exam. The exam is offered online in a multiple-choice format.

FITT’s standard online refund policy applies to all FITTskills online courses.

What people are saying
The FITTskills courses were very informative and enjoyable. One of my favourite courses was International Market Entry Strategies…The course content gave me a broader understanding of the potential risks that could arise when doing business internationally and how to mitigate them. The program sharpened my knowledge of different cultures’ unique methods of conducting business… The online courses were very convenient for me. I was able to pace myself and complete my courses during my free time while working.
Hiwot Regasa, CITP|FIBP, Student Liaison, Mount Royal University
My favourite course was International Market Entry Strategies because it provides a great platform for international trade and export readiness. I would recommend anyone thinking of a career in international trade to consider taking the FITTskills courses.
Liesl Harewood, CITP|FIBP, Independent Consultant
The FITT courses I took helped me to learn how to deal with the financial transactions operations system and learn how to manage my own business. My favorite course was International Market Entry Strategies, because it taught me the best way to understand the local content regulations, how to expect and plan for risk, and how to choose the best entry mode for any potential market.
Joseph Sassi, CITP|FIBP, Customs Brokerage Representative, UPS Supply Chain Solutions
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3 months to write the examination from the date of registration

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